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A new approach to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the EU

REPLACE 2 Project Updates: 26th July 2013

REPLACE 2 Advisory Board 

The first advisory board meeting went ahead on 26 July 2013. We were delighted to have the presence of some very knowledgeable, experienced and influential members, from a variety of settings/ backgrounds.
This first meeting allowed the members of the board to introduce themselves and talk a little about how they are actively involved in working towards eradicating FGM. There was an opportunity for the REPLACE 2 team to explain the objectives and outcome of REPLACE 1 and go onto talk about REPLACE 2 and its objectives and approach.  Some very interesting discussion was generated and some important issues were raised. The suggestions that were made by the board are now being implemented by the REPLACE 2 team. 
We look forward to meeting again in January 2014, where we hope to be joined by some additional members who were unable to attend during the summer period.