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A new approach to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the EU

REPLACE 2 Project updates: 23rd September 2014

Prof. Hazel Barrett speaks with Suparna Malhotra on the Voice of Leadership Radio Network

'The Truth About FGM, Ending It From Within the Community'

Hazel was interviewed yesterday evening by Suparna Malhotra about FGM on the gentle world cafe, developed to ignite and inspire conversations between men and women to enable finding a peaceful approach to ending Gender-Based violence and Abuse.

Hazel talks about the scale of FGM worldwide and why we need to tackle the practice from within the community by working with affected communities to understand the barriers to preventing FGM and using the results to try to change behaviours within communities.

You can listen to the full interview here

Prof Hazel Barrett and Dr Katherine Brown attended the FGM task and finish group in London this week

Hazel & Katherine were invited to attend and contribute to the development of a comprehensive pathway of care for health professionals in addressing the needs of women and girls affected by FGM, e.g. identifying gaps in provision, identifying training needs, supporting them in asking difficult questions and engaging with the community and knowing where and how to access support and care needed. They will attend the next meeting in December.